The Rebound: An Emotional Hazard

Rebound in Dating
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Relationship life is good to some point and at some point, it turns to be poisonous. Love life for many people has not been that good, that is it begins well and at the end cause a lot of pain and wrong decisions. To avoid the painful experiences in a relationship one needs to now the dangers and positives of dating.

What Is Rebound in Dating?

Rebound is a term that is used by the people in relationships. It is used to mean the situation whereby, one immediately jumps onto a different relationship with a different person without getting completely over with their ex.

Possibilities That May Lead to Break-ups

Love life relationships are one delicate thing to handle. The journey of dating is quite difficult with several ups and downs. In most cases, people do break up due to simple misunderstandings. One other major cause is the lack of trust in the other person that is feeling too much insecure that the other person is unfaithful. Conflict of interest can also make people to part in a relationship. Sometimes, one just need to have time alone, since he or she is tired of dating.

What Makes a Person to Immediately Jump to a New Relationship?

When one is left by the lover, one may feel so hurt and lonely. They then opt to have a new lover to act as a remedy to the problem. Additionally, one may intentionally date new person as a revenge to their ex-lovers. Some may do so to get sexual satisfaction to replace their old lovers. Some people will just want to have a companion to avoid lonely life.

The Hazard of Rebound Relationships

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Jumping to the next relationship is not the best action to take after breaking up with your lover. You need to take some time to rethink your life better. You also need the single lifestyle so that you may appreciate your life being alone. The emotional dangers associated with rebound relationship is that you may still find that you still have feelings for your ex. A rebound relationship is just but a temporary relationship. Getting back to your ex will hurt the current lover that you have just found. Due to the emotional confusion that you will develop, you may end up leaving both lovers and hurting them both or hurting only one of them. The person who will suffer most is you because you will not be able to face both situations.

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