Successful Flirting Begets Successful Dating

Flirting BegetsWhy are certain individuals naturally born flirts while others can’t even charm a bus’ backside to save their lives? Flirting power is way beyond magnetizing the other sex. You magnet friends, and sway business relationships when you conquer the art of flirting. ‘You either have it or don’t!’ is what most men say when boasting of their conquests. Conversely, women are more reserved in discussing men they’ve met. She would most times tell friends, “Ooh, I think he doesn’t like me”, or ask what they think. So she doesn’t seem full of herself. Nevertheless, if an accomplished flirt, she thinks on the same path as men, “Yeah, he became putty in my palms”.

Flirting is one art that requires confidence minus being OTT. Successful flirts understand getting the right balance; too much puts a man in danger of being called ‘slimy’ and a woman ‘tarty’. You could learn flirting by developing confidence, interacting with others and trusting yourself, if it does not naturally come to you. Here are primary flirting tips for practicing in social scenes or/and at work.

1. Enjoy Yourself

enjoy yourself
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Flirting is primarily fun! Both parties have smiles (outside and inside) whether you happen to be the flirt or are being flirted. Don’t be too serious; be lighthearted, playful and infectious!

2. Exude much confidence

Exude much confidence
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The greatest flirts are quite happy even about their selves and maintain a positive viewpoint to live. Flirting successfully requires that you feel good about yourself before being able to pass the ‘feel good’ feature to ladies. If your opinion of life is optimistic and positive, you will discover your connections turning out to be with just the right people for you.

3. Move first

move first
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Never wait till you are approached. If you have your eyes on a colleague at work, wait for the person to enter the kitchen then move to the machine that serves coffee. The same works for bars wait for the person to stand at the bar then squash in closest to the person. Begin with a plain ‘hello’ then follow the cue. You have nothing to lose after all.

4. Obtain A Smile For A Paid Compliment

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A sincere compliment which truly makes people feel special costs nothing. Compliment those that look great! Compliment people that have proud achievements. People are more probable to desire spending more time in your company when you have begun making them feel great about themselves. Take pride in received compliments and reply ‘thank you’ to those that paid it.

5. Intimate eye contact

Intimate eye contact
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Contact of the eye is among the foremost communication instruments. Most individuals face no eye contact problems with strangers but get awkward when it’s someone they feel attracted to. Rehearse contact of the eyes with various people when going to work – quickly glance and turn away – if, you tend to break your gaze at people that attract you. It’s a great means of developing confidence. But do not stare as this brings uncomfortable feelings upon people.

6. Voice Pitching

Voice Pitching
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Learn how to pitch, speed up and adapt the tone of the voice. One with varying sounds and tones is much more interesting in relation to a monotonous dull note to it!

7. Be a good listener

good listener
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A successful flirt is able to make people unwind and discuss themselves. Pay full attention to what you are being told and ask interesting questions to indicate your interest. The most effective questions take people down positive – not negative – memory lane. They make them remember vital positive events of the past.

8. Body Re-Positioning

Body Re-PositioningThere are several indicators of confident body language: wide smiles, tilting head to the side, complete attention, persistent eye contact, physical touching, and fingers running through hair, if you desire to openly flirt and let go completely – dance! It is among the greatest ways for self-expression that enable you to fully connect to a person and greatly interact simultaneously.

9. Smile throughout

Smile throughout
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Ensure that your smile is contagious throughout the time you spend with people. The more sincere smiles you have, the more individuals desire to appreciate you and always remain around you.

10. Maintain Politeness

Maintain PolitenessFlirting has nothing to do with sexual explicitness! Nor is it about turning offensive to those that reject your advances. Don’t take it personally or become disheartened because you’ve always flirted with somebody with no positive feedback. Just go on to another option. If you get plenty rejections, you may like to try another different approach.

11. Send Out An Email

EmailFor people you find hard to meet face to face, emails can be a great communication option. Whether it’s a work colleague you are attracted to or you desire to try your hand at online dating, instant messaging and emails enable you flirt and not becoming tongue-tied or even blushing. Though, never become intimate too quickly online; the person using the monitor you’ve never met could be painting a fake rosy picture. It’s best to know yourselves well online before setting up a date. Never fall before actually meeting the person. The bubble could burst when reality sets in.

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