Online Dating – What You Should Do And What Not?

do's and dont's of online dating People who follow a tight work schedule find it hard to deal with their love life. Thanks, to internet dating that they can now find out their true love on their fingertips. So, if you have a busy schedule and want to develop emotional attachment with someone special whom you even don’t know, then online dating is your thing.

Well, online dating is not such an easy thing. People have their own reservations. Thought of going on some online dating websites is often followed by strange and often meaningless fears. One such fear is to think if people would judge you for choosing to date online, or whether it is safe or not. There are many who hesitate to use such sites, because they think they would end up dating someone whose world is limited to cyberspace.

While your fears may be genuine or real the facts are astonishing and even shocking. Despite such an uncertain nature of online dating there is a huge influx of online population that swarms the dating websites. Just make a profile on any one you feel comfortable with and you would end up finding singles lined up in rows, waiting for their soul-mates and life partners. Just have a look at stats, according to Nielson/NetRatings almost 21 million internet users visit the dating websites to know if they can find anything interesting.

dos and donts of dating lifeFurther stats are more encouraging. There are thousands of people who not only visit these websites but also end up in a meaningful relationship. In many cases, they find nothing less than a perfect life partner to live happily ever after this. Well, one has to show extra care for avoiding pitfalls and not falling trap to a fraud. Online dating provides a greater edge to meet with people of interest without being lured to the ostentatious exhibitions of sincerity. One can easily keep a check on the way a person talks about different things and then decide to move further with him.

Here Are The Do’s And Dont’s Of Online Dating For Avoiding Any Risk


  1. Do use a cell phone that can’t reveal your identity.
  2. Do choose the public and open place for earlier dates.
  3. Do take someone friend or relative into trust before meeting your partner.
  4. Do ask them about their life, and check if they backtrack or remain consistence.


  1. Don’t be quick in revealing every aspect of your life.
  2. Don’t travel with them in same private vehicle.
  3. Don’t meet them in a private place, which is not known to everyone.
  4. Don’t spend your time and energy on only one person.

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