Getting Over Break Up: Steps Of Recovery

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During a relationship, partners intertwine with one another, and a break up will make them feel like the world has ended. A breakup, therefore, means an end to this merger and can result in the fracture of oneself emotionally. Relationship break ups suck whether they are mutual, peaceful, traumatic, or one-sided. This is because they result in pain that is debilitating and excruciating.

Different individuals react in a different way when it comes to relationship break ups. The level of emotional pain depends on the level of emotional involvement, attachment style, age and gender. The steps to recovery will involve re-establishing yourself without your partner. Below I have discussed several steps of recovery that can re-strengthen and repair your self-concept.

Write It Down

Writing down the process of your break up does not only release your emotions, but it also encourages a new insight and a fresh perspective. This is an effective step in recovery as it is inexpensive and accessible. Unlike writing for a typical experience where you wallow in sadness and ruminate on negative things, writing about break up helps you to focus on the positive things about the relationship.

Talk About The Breakup

love talkTalking about the break up is the first step of recovery as it shows that you have accepted it’s over. It helps you see the break up in a different perspective. It’s called breakup because it is not working perfectly. You should take caution not to immediately fall in love with your friend especially if they are of the opposite sex. If you do this, you will just be dressing things up at the cost of clarity.

Get To Know Yourself

Start a journey of self-discovery and get to know yourself. Examine yourself and ask yourself questions such as “How do I proceed from here?” don’t make a mistake done by many people of looking for a lover immediately. Every human is in the process of transient and therefore take your time to heal and recover from the changes that were altered when you were in the relationship. During a relationship, we try to change ourselves to fit into the world of our partner.

Be Your Best

be your best
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During the recovery process, you have all the time you need to focus on things that you desire or like. Explore new ideas and re-enjoy your old interests. Once you decide to move on, you will discover that just like a dam that has broken its wall that you have a lot of freedom to invest in yourself. Invest the time to build your career, establish new friends, reconnect with old friends, and also do the things that you have always dreamt of doing.

Final Clean Up

final love clean upAs soon as you are beyond the anger stage, stop telling your friends about your break up. Refrain from those people who trigger negative thoughts about your relationship. During this process, don’t email, call, or text your ex and don’t have the “let’s be friends” opportunity for him or her. Consider friendship only when your paths cross again, and you are over with the anger process.

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